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Guarantee & Service

All our products have a mínimum quarantee period of 2 years - unless otherwise stated. The following brands offer a different longer quarantee period.

  • Arroll 10 years* on sections (valves and accessories 2 years)

  • Burlington and Arcade 10 years** (toilet seats 2 years)

  • Manor House 3 years

  • Perrin&Rowe and Lefroy Brooks 5 years (finish 1 year, accessories 2 years)

  • Shaws and Victoria&Albert 25 years (taps 5 years, accessories 2 years)

* Perrin & Rowe offers a five year guarantee on inner parts except for valves if the damage is caused by usage (.i.e. no use of filter stop valves). On external parts the guarantee is one year for plating.

** Burlington/Arcade: Shower hoses, tap cartridges, shower valve cartridges and electric heating kits are guaranteed for one year. The guarantee does not cover general wear and tear (for example hinges, electrical components including light bulbs & mmersion heaters, cistern fittings, cartridges & shower hoses are items that do need to be replaced periodically, or foxing or breakage of mirrors.

For non-domestic installations the guarantee is 1 year.

Please note that any additional costs of a plumber are not covered within the (factory) warranty. The (factory) warranty only applies to installations undertaken by a certificated plumber and when the product has been maintenanced and used in a proper way.

Ceramic valves

Almost all faucets from our range are fitted with ceramic valves. The advantage of ceramic valves is that they are for life, however please note that due to the material ceramic valves are vulnerable for dirt in your waterlines. This can cause a scratch on the ceramic which can lead to a dripping faucet. Especially for kitchen faucets we strongly recommend to use filterstop valves, which can be bought at a low cost at every diy shop or plumber store.

Cast Iron Radiators

Leakage caused by mishandling of the radiator (from the pallet always carry the radiator upright, see installation sheet) or failure to properly flush or neutralize the system of failure to apply an antirust additive excludes warranty. Please make sure your installer has the installation sheet.


Please contact us for any technical question you might have at indicating your order number and a short description of the problem. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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